Reolen AU 460

  • Reolen AU 460
Reolen AU 460 - an expanding additive for concrete mixtures and mortars, allows to reduce shrinkage or provide self-stress, improve strength and performance properties.


Bag of 25 kg..
Use directions
  • Additive for the production of concrete and mortars with compensated shrinkage;
  • Additive for the production of self-stressing concrete;
  • Additive for concrete mixtures and mortars with a high water-cement ratio;
  • Additive for concrete, exploited under the influence of aggressive factors;
  • Production of concrete and mortar mixes stacked when exposed to negative factors (elevated ambient temperature, low humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, etc.).
  • Increasing the brand for waterproofing concrete and mortars;
  • Elimination of shrinkage cracks;
  • Increasing the brand of frost resistance of concrete and mortars;
  • Increasing the resistance of concrete and mortars to aggressive media;
  • Increased tensile strength in bending.