DensTop Filler

  • DensTop Filler
DensTop Filler - various types of aggregates, consisting of specially selected products that have undergone appropriate processing, with a certain fractional composition, flakiness, roundness, as well as other characteristics. The use of one or the combined use of several types of DensTop Filler fillers allows us to impart high mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion, atmospheric and chemical influences to polymer coatings, as well as repair and decorative materials.


Bag of 25 kg.
Use directions
  • Preparation of repair composition for filling small defects;
  • The spillage of the primer before the installation of polymer coatings;
  • Filling polymer self-leveling compositions for the device flooring;
  • Preparation of highly filled polymer compositions for the device of floor coverings;
  • Backfill for the base layer when installing anti-slip polymer flooring;
  • Interlayer spillage at the device of protective polymeric coatings;
  • Filling polymeric compounds in the device of protective coatings;
  • Preparation of cast mineral-based repair compounds
  • Production of repair and decorative compositions on the production or construction sites.
  • Cost savings by reducing the consumption of polymer and mineral compounds;
  • Increasing the thickness of the liquid coating;
  • Uniform distribution throughout the volume of the prepared composition, the absence of stratification;
  • The possibility of increasing the thickness of the cast composition of mineral-based compounds, by reducing the risk of cracks due to shrinkage deformations;
  • Excellent spreadability of the prepared compositions;
  • Increase the service life of flooring by increasing the physico-mechanical characteristics, incl. wear resistance, strength, etc.
  • Providing a smooth or rough surface coatings depending on the type of system and filler.