Starmeks Elast

  • Starmeks Elast
Elastic wear-resistant waterproofing coating with high adhesion to mineral and metal surfaces. The material has the ability to overlap the cracks. The coating is abrasion-resistant and chemically resistant to the action of corrosive liquids, such as dilute acids and alkalis. It has good UV resistance.


Equipment Packing Packaging
component А 
component B
32 kg 
24 kg 
8 kg

Use directions
  • Waterproofing of concrete tanks for water;
  • Waterproofing of structures subject to mechanical stress with the possibility of cracking, for example, terraces and balconies;
  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces of swimming pools, shower rooms, wet rooms, incl. before facing with ceramic tiles;
  • Protection of concrete surfaces of structures subject to carbonization, exposure to sea water, de-icing salts, groundwater and other corrosive environments.
  • High water resistance;
  • Water vapor permeability;
  • Application on a wet substrate;
  • Elasticity;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Ability to overlap cracks;
  • Good chemical resistance and anti-corrosion properties.