Manopur 336

  • Manopur 336
Manopur 336 is a three-component polyurethane resin for filling deformation as well as other types of seams subjected to constant dynamic loads. After polymerization, the composition forms a durable elastic material that is resistant to UV radiation and reagents. It has high wear resistance. Due to its characteristics, the Manopur 336 reliably seals the seams, compensating for the resulting deformation, vibration, shear and shock loads.


Equipment Packing
component А 
component B
component С
30 kg 
25 kg 
3 kg
2 kg
Use directions
  • Filling of deformation and other types of seams in the construction of roads, railways, and airfields;
  • The device of transition zones at the device of deformation seams;
  • Restoration of the geometry of concrete and reinforced concrete structures subjected to constant dynamic loads;
  • Fixing sleepers;
  • The device leveling layer for installation of equipment, providing vibration effects.
  • Reducing shock, vibration and noise caused by vehicles and equipment;
  • Uniform redistribution of loads on structures;
  • Abrasion resistance, high shear and tear strength;
  • The ability to withstand deformation while maintaining water resistance;
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive media: petroleum products, reagents, mineral oils, wastewater, dilute acids and alkalis;
  • High frost resistance, resistance to ozone and UV radiation;
  • High mechanical characteristics in a wide range of temperatures;
  • Ease of installation, ease of handling the laid material.