Manopur U Flex

  • Manopur U Flex
Manopur U Flex - a product based on a polyurethane resin with low viscosity, without solvents. After reaction with water, they form a dense, waterproof, highly elastic, foam with a finely porous structure. Upon contact with water, an approximately 30-fold increase in volume is achieved in free space. After polymerization, the foam remains highly elastic, which allows it to withstand hidrostatic pressure even in moving cracks and structures subjected to significant dynamic loads. The material is suitable for use in structures that have direct contact with drinking water.


Bucket of 25 kg
Use directions
  • For waterproofing and sealing joints, cracks or voids in building structures subjected to dynamic loads
  • To fill voids in soils for lining tunnels and subways
  • To eliminate filtration and water infiltration through building structures, including under considerable pressure
  • Elimination of active leakages of water under pressure in cracks and seams before an injection the polyurethane not foaming Manopur 143
  • High elasticity of the foam after polymerization
  • Contact with drinking water is allowed.
  • Solvent free